Overeating, food bingeing, low self-esteem. Are these some of what you go through right now?

Should we blame it on the carbs and the choice of foods you’re eating? That’s what most of us do. For the longest time we put negative labels on the food we eat, and everytime we eat that which is supposedly ‘restricted’ our inner dialogue starts to play its tricks on us.

You may not be aware of that, but the negativity we give and the way we label the foods are actually what describes what we are and what is deep inside of us. Foods are neutral in itself, the negative reality we’re projecting is what makes things blurry and sad. It’s actually all those loneliness, self-loathing, unhealed wounds, past trauma, and troubled past all coming through.

Diet mentality influences the way we approach everything, all with control. But what happens is, things get so perfect when we have everything all in place and followed to a T. When we falter, that’s when things go spiral again, and the cycle keeps repeating. But for how long can you keep it longer?

It’s not actually about the food and getting good at avoiding those so called ‘carbs’ and ‘forbidden food’. It’s all about emotional mastery around food and all those negative noises, getting comfortable around them and having the tools to deal with it, not with food but with something more deep and life transforming.

Have you thought about the possibility of having that inner peace and lasting freedom that has evaded you even at the height of success you are having now?

You can start by letting go of those fears and taking action now.

“Watch how when you actually cultivate that self-love, that self-kindness, that the food becomes a non-issue anymore.”
– Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 01:08 – Talking about the ‘Warrior Goddess Mastermind’ and what is it all about
  • 07:03 – The lies our mind is telling us when we’re stressed
  • 09:34 – Why is it not the carbs that cause overeating?
  • 12:19 – What the negative label we associate food with says about ourselves
  • 14:14 – What else are you not seeing?
  • 15:10 – Where does this vicious cycle of putting ourselves down come from?
  • 19:58 – This is the best time to create opportunity to be kind to yourself
  • 21:31 – A job that not just positive affirmations can fix

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