Genetics, heredity, DNA structure, family history — we blame it on these factors. Yes, we are made to believe that diseases we’ve got now are because we belong to an ancestry that got that before us. And we believe it is likely what’s going to happen, too, in our lives.

This is what diet mentality is also teaching us about — avoiding food, controlling all those calories, doing away with sugary food, and everything about all those restrictions.

In most cases, what it has done to most of us is that it doesn’t cure us at all; instead, it has led us to unhappiness, lack of joy, isolation, and fear. When you succeed, you get elated, doing away with unwanted things and keeping your perfect weight. The problem sets in when you fall off track, and you’re back to your depressed, irritated self again. And the cycle never stops.

What if all these things that are happening are not at all about food, your ancestors’ past or anything to do with your weight? Why not look at your emotional baggage — hatred, loss, anger, insecurities, disappointments, childhood trauma, you name it. There could be something there that needs more profound attention.

It would help if you had the tools to master those emotions and deal with those stumbling blocks, once and for all. Be the first to change the course of your family’s history now. Conquer your fear. Act now and start a life-changing journey with us.

“I’m not saying that this is like the end-all-be-all, it’s just this different perspective of how our minds can so quickly say, it’s the weight, it’s the food that is creating x, y, z factor, so I need to fix that so that I don’t get that disease. But is that really fixing it? Or is that actually the thing that’s happening in the background? Or is it the actual emotional component? Is it the background depression, anxiety, sadness, grief, or loss? Is it the fear, is that the hate? Is it the anger in the background like our bodies remember things, our bodies hold on to emotion — have memories locked inside.”
– Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 00:56 – What it takes to have integrity, peace, and happiness around food, body, and weight and have your relationships and career working all at the same time
  • 05:44 – That deeply ingrained diet mentality in us – what it really means
  • 07:40 – Mind and body connection – understanding how high level of anxiety worsens any ailment you are having
  • 12:54 – What your disease is telling you more than heredity and family history
  • 13:56 – It’s not always about believing the doctor but trusting yourself and looking for what else is possible
  • 19:35 – Getting rid of a disease without going under the knife
  • 21:29 – What Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work is all about and how it relates to getting rid of diseases
  • 24:29 – Why Hypnosis is the most different weight loss program you can find out there
  • 26:03 – Stories of ‘once we act and change our ways, diseases disappear’ and how this relates to Hypnosis
  • 27:43 – Don’t say that ‘story’ anymore

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