Lose weight and have that partner, dream job, dream whatsoever coming your way.

Many of us seem to believe you have to perfect things before getting everything in order.

But what that leads us to is a life of unhappiness where everything is put on, never accepting what your truth is and never living in peace.

Talk about insecurity, image issues, low self-esteem, no confidence, hiding from people, bingeing.

Does that describe your life right now?

How about listening to this episode now? You might see yourself in Nicole, a Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss Program graduate and our guest for today. See how she transforms herself from being a woman full of self-doubt, fears, and a lot of resentment towards her family. And look where she is now, fully engaged in life, living her authentic self, loving for who and what she is, living not for others to find contentment in her but living for herself. Most importantly, she’s learned to set boundaries, communicate her needs, speak what she feels and thinks, and find happiness in life she never thought possible before.

Wouldn’t you want the same for yourself? Act now. We’re here to journey with you to true freedom.

“It’s just so doable. And just get that food freedom. We don’t need to live like this anymore. There’s so much more to life. There’s so much more. So, just do it.”
– Nicole

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 02:05 – What it means to ‘eat to live and not live to eat’ before Hypnosis
  • 04:19 – Describing what her day looks like eating with family and the feeling after
  • 05:24 – Realizations from childhood trauma, conquering food problems, and what her day looks like now after the program
  • 07:36 – Resenting family, feeling terrible about herself, bingeing to feel complete
  • 09:16 – Positive outcomes she never thought possible coming out from the program
  • 11:57 – Fears and struggles turning into wins
  • 15:48 – What being authentic of herself and shifting her thoughts lead her to
  • 18:29 – Living her truth happily and joyfully, unlike what she used to before
  • 21:54 – Indulging in other things you enjoy rather than bingeing
  • 24:53 – How this whole program becomes life-changing not only for her but her friends, as well

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