Do you feel like something is missing?

You are successful, you’ve got your dream job, a successful business, you’re doing well in life and your career.

But something still doesn’t feel right. You are wrapped up in this food prison and this body image of you.

Just a little stress, and you find yourself finding solace in the company of food.

Sometimes you don’t notice it but, mostly, when something’s not so good with what is happening at the moment, the only way you stop it is with the help of food.

Do we not always associate everything with food? We always stuff things with food and never really listen to what our body and our whole being want.

This whole episode highlights my journey of battling with my own food and bodyweight issues, how it led me to Hypnosis, and how it helped me shut off the noises around that are not serving me well.

With the tools that it allows you to use, it’s something that will really help you deal with personal development and how you live your life every day as you deal with your own challenges.

With a lot of habits and behaviors you have to deal with, especially during the pandemic, these tools really provide awareness to a spiritual path of giving way to your higher calling — giving back to those people whose pain you also understand as you’ve been there yourself.

“Every step of the way, in choosing to live your life in a way that is 100% in alignment with wanting to help someone because you understand their pain, or you know exactly how to walk them through what it is that they want to get through. You have to face all your stuff daily.”
– Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 00:57 – Doing the podcast live in the Warrior Goddess Mastermind Program
  • 03:35 – What the flow of the program from the Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss to the Warrior Goddess Mastermind and the Neurolinguistic Programming signifies
  • 06:47 – Major events in life that contribute to one’s transformation and sharing awareness about Hypnosis so others can be helped
  • 11:52 – What it means to live your life in alignment with wanting to help someone of which pain you understand
  • 14:43 – How the Neurolinguistic Programming training certification helped in her personal development
  • 16:43 – Looking back at the journal she wrote many years ago that ties back to what Leslie is doing now
  • 20:38 – Meant for a higher calling – listen to your calling and give back
  • 21:57 – Having the inspiration to share how Hypnosis for permanent weight loss helps in one’s transformation

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