You know you are successful, but deep inside, you are struggling.

You seem to be having the time of your life and in your career but at the back of your head you’re constantly battling over your food issues.

At one point, you succeed in putting off those unwanted pounds, and at other times you give in to your cravings.

Everything is set aside, and you are back to your bingeing self again. And you ask yourself, when are you going to be out of that trap?

Do you want to find out how for the longest time, in her constant struggle of losing weight, she has finally stopped feeling like a prisoner to food?

In this episode, our guest, Melynda Cassis, an Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss graduate, shares how her life took a turn for the better by joining Leslie’s Hypnosis program. She is one successful woman in her field, but despite her career being all roses, there is one aspect of her life she is struggling with: her food and body weight issues.

Not until she found Hypnosis did all those connecting and tapping to her authentic self happen, and all the self-work transpired, and things came out beautifully and finally found her peace and freedom about what is troubling her the most.

“I want to say, to be honest, in the way, yes, I’ve lost a few pounds. But it’s bigger than that. I’ve gained confidence, and control. And I’ve let go of the feeling like a prisoner to food. It’s like, I weigh less in my mind when it comes to the connection of food. And I’ve just gained strength and understanding of myself that I didn’t have before the program, which to me means more than what the scale says.”
– Melynda Cassis

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 02:09 – Successful but struggling with food issues — her life before Hypnosis, what brought her to the program, and how her life turned around within Hypnosis
  • 11:43 – How this program introduces you to a support system that you would never have gotten within your family and even among friends
  • 18:17 – The liberating part of realizing you’re not alone
  • 19:31 – Paying attention to that spiritual piece inside you
  • 28:04 – How this Hypnosis program taps into your authentic YOU whether you are new or coming back to this self-work
  • 35:43 – What Melynda would like to tell everyone about her Hypnosis journey: ‘Keep this priority in front of you. Be gentle with yourself. Don’t be so judgmental of yourself. Just open yourself up to a different way of approaching weight loss. And jump in. Seriously jump in.’

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