Losing weight is already one big challenge, but how much harder is it for one when you have all this unwanted baggage and inhibitions that you haven’t dealt with for the longest time?

What happens is, for all those pains and frustrations that you cannot express, you’ll end up numbing them with food. And before you know it, you’re a few dreaded pounds more than the last time you checked.

Here’s the thing with having permanent weight loss, that for you to have a lifetime transformation, you’ve got to have the choice of having that mental sanity that whatever weight you’re at, it doesn’t bother you and that you free yourself from whatever it is that’s controlling you.

That diet mentality is what’s keeping you from moving out of that zone, and the reason why you’re still stuck in your food and bodyweight problem is that you think it’s all about restricting everything. That’s not true at all.

The only thing that will truly set you free is when you make the choice of stepping out of your food prison and that mental madness of constantly dreading weight gain and all that control you’re holding on to.

There’s hard work getting there, but life becomes so much better when you finally get to that point where food doesn’t matter anymore.

That’s what Hypnosis is about, slowing those mental chatters and releasing all those controls, so you’re free around food, eating what you feel like, and just being present at the moment.

“I gotta tell you, life is way better since I made that choice [stepping out of that diet mentality], though it felt extremely painful on my way to get here. But I can’t even tell you how much I love my life now. I would not have been able to grow and expand into the woman I am today if I still had the shackles of diet mentality around me, and being terrified of gaining weight.”
– Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 02:07 – What it looked like for this woman knowing and feeling she is unwanted
  • 03:34 – Who we are with all those baggage and who we are without those inhibitions
  • 06:30 – One important thing you need to understand about permanent weight loss
  • 07:58 – Steps to take to stop all the madness around food and body weight
  • 09:54 – How life turns so much better after all the pain of getting there
  • 11:56 – It’s all about letting go of that control, whatever that is, that you kept on holding on

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