Most of us have this wrong notion about motivation. We wait for that perfect time when we feel like doing it. We even have alcohol or cafffeine, or anything we can grab to feed us so we get that engine of motivation started. We actually believe we get motivated now before we get started on anything we want done. Truth is, we have to start doing,so motivation starts rolling in.

And what actually causes us not to get motivated? For one, we don’t decide and get committed to what we do. We don’t get invested into what we do for one reason or another. The second thing is, so many unresolved issues are messing up in the background. And you haven’t figured out how to process it and completely deal with it; hence getting you stuck in the trap. Thirdly, change of value; you no longer believe in something you’ve adhered to before. And when that happens it gets really hard to sticking on a diet or exercise.

What would make you fuel that motivation is to get into something you are fully invested in, giving you the support and encouragement, the freedom to express yourself fully, feeling safe in expressing your thoughts and emotions. What better way to help with motivation than to be with like-minded people in Hypnosis for permanent weight loss.

“Most people believe that motivation comes before you do a task. Anybody use food for motivation, or caffeine or even alcohol? Yeah, absolutely it happens all the time. Now, the one thing that people need to understand, based on what this expert said is that motivation actually happens after you start.”
– Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 02:01 – What is motivation, the wrong beliefs about it, and how that actually happens
  • 05:40 – The first of three reasons why people can’t get motivated
  • 07:20 – Second reason why people get demotivated
  • 13:10 – Third reason for people not to get motivated to do something they ought to do

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