It has been some time, and you have been hopping from one diet trend to another, and nothing’s happening, and you’re still as desperate as you have been to chop off those unwanted pounds.

If you look at your relationships, family life, and self-image — nothing seems to be in place, and things feel like some aspects of your life are in disarray.

You may be successful, careerwise but deep down, a big question lies.

You keep comparing yourself with others – their accomplishments and achievements. Even the littlest of imperfections is a big deal to you.

How can you be truly free and have that long-lasting peace of mind?

In this episode, our guest, Kierra Jones, shares how one should stop that ‘pedestal pressure’ you have put yourself under. You tire yourself with the stress that comes with it; you also end up getting in despair keeping up with everybody else.

The only way for things to get going and flowing is to accept your own truth, getting authentic about yourself.

When choosing a diet or health routine for you, just always remember that no ‘one-size-fits-all.’ Find what works best for you. And choose food that feels good for and helps your body.

There is no point rushing things because you bloom and shine in your own time. Be in the moment.

What’s also important is that you put out there that power message – voicing out what you want for yourself, acting on it, confidently owning your truth, and being comfortable with your authentic self.

And the way to help you with that is by having conversation with yourself, holding space to ask important questions to get to your core and make things happen, emboldening your voice to align with your life and business.

Kierra Jones is an international visibility and sales mindset and messaging coach, speaker and Amazon Best Selling author. Her coaching programs courses and speaking help women get the messaging monetization and mindset they need to show up, speak and sell their genius more powerfully, purposefully and profitably. She is deeply passionate about helping women activate their voice and their own value more powerfully to unapologetically create an experience and align life and business.

“Literally, voice is how I speak. But it’s so much deeper. It comes into play with so many things. It could be food and diet, it could be relationships, whether you’re in a career or business because in short, you really are activating your voice and I oftentimes say your power message is actually you declaring what you want.”
– Kierra Jones

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 03:51 – Uncovering that power message inside you
  • 08:15 – Knowing, understanding, and overcoming ‘pedestal pressure’
  • 12:56 – Having that conversation with yourself – asking essential questions, realigning, and reconnecting to yourself
  • 21:02 – What that journey looks like of ‘owning it for herself’
  • 25:44 – Living a life of legacy
  • 31:37 – What gave her the courage to be unapologetic about the littlest imperfections about herself
  • 36:47 – Watch the habits that you are creating
  • 37:58 – Wanting your best body and best energy – whatever that looks like for you
  • 44:46 – Giving yourself permission to evolve and change for the better


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