It’s nice to look back on how this podcast got started and see how far it has gone in doing its part of letting the message out and touching many lives.

Can’t also help but think of the times when Leslie fought her own battle with food addiction and what that looked like for her. Talk about emotional eating, that constant bingeing and craving for food. Add the countless diets she had to hop on from one to another and all the diet trends available out there but still to no avail.

Yes, she may have gotten things in control for a time, and she succeeded at keeping away from food, but those times she gave in and fell off track, that was making her feel guilty about herself not sticking to what she was supposed to do and all those negative self-talk comes into play again.

Imagine how dark life seems to be when you have all those unnecessary voices at the back of your head messing up with you and your life. Being in that constant hustle-hamster-wheel of letting off the hook of body weight is just a cross to bear.

Body-hating is just one consequence; consider low self-esteem, throw in unhappy relationships with family, loved ones, and love life — and you’re in for a chaotic life within that you unconsciously try to mask with something short-term.

This episode speaks of how Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss helped everyone heal and achieve emotional mastery. And how liberating that feels when you gain not just temporary but a lifetime of transformation.

“Literally, voice is how I speak. But it’s so much deeper. It comes into play with so many things. It could be food and diet, it could be relationships, whether you’re in a career or business because in short, you really are activating your voice and I oftentimes say your power message is actually you declaring what you want.”
– Kierra Jones

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 00:01 – Looking back at the year when she got started in podcasting and how it has helped lots of people since then
  • 05:07 – The negative self-talk we need to overcome ourselves
  • 07:21 – Getting past her own food addiction
  • 08:22 – Not judging yourself but seeing as someone needing help
  • 09:48 – The truth when you don’t fully love all parts of yourself
  • 13:49 – What happens when you operate from your authentic self
  • 17:46 – Self-awareness and getting into the most significant investment for yourself
  • 18:35 – Doing our share of making a better planet for everyone to enjoy

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