Sure, you are super successful – in your career and professional life. But have you looked within and tried asking why you can’t keep yourself together?

Why can you not completely deal with your weight and body issues when it comes to food?

Our subconscious mind laid out for us early on in life what we’ve learned to believe all along and in like manner, whatever trauma, hurts, and pain we felt early on in childhood, we tend to keep them buried. And unconsciously, we tend to numb it away with food, alcohol, and what have you.

Another thing is, just when you think everything’s all good, there you are, all stressed and seeing things spiraling down and messing up all over again with your life.

Sometimes, you wake up and are all ready with the resolve to get consistent with your diet plan, but, unknowingly you find yourself binging and dipping fast into your bag of chips. There, again, your willpower is in vain.

We’ve seen many successful public figures and famous people drown themselves in drugs in their quest for success. We’ve often set aside that part of our body that calls for much-needed attention.

Maybe you’re afraid to face that scary side of yourself? Maybe you’re scared to ask for help and be heard? Maybe for lack of space for which you feel safe unloading your vulnerabilities?

How about this time you take action, finally confront that which you’ve been trying to avoid, trust the process of the healing journey, and set yourself free?

Why not avail of this tool we call Hypnosis to help you quickly communicate with the noisy part of your brain and let it settle down instead of going through that everyday struggle of control and restrictions?

Emotional mastery is the way to go over self-sabotage.

“A sustainable way to be successful is that you also learn how to healthily manage those stressors and those feelings along the way, while you’re still going after your goals in a super powerful way.”
– Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 01:06 – What self-sabotage looks like
  • 04:07 – A helpful tool to quiet part of your unconscious mind and get you aligned with your goal
  • 05:33 – How your unconscious mind is making you feel safe and makes you numb away that pain
  • 07:24 – Common reasons for self-sabotage
  • 09:21 – Going past self-sabotage
  • 09:54 – HIghly successful but broken inside

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