Do you want to lose weight without isolating yourself?

How about taking off those extra pounds without all the restrictions and strict rules?

Have you wanted to do away with all the binging and stress eating?

You are not alone. Come and let’s find out!

Our guest for this episode, Yvonne, a Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss program graduate, shares her story of a rollercoaster ride with her body weight issues.

She could still remember the thinnest she had ever been in life and how thrilled she was knowing and being in it.

But things started changing when different seasons in life started coming, and her values were no longer what they were.

And the more she became obsessed, so to speak, with losing weight, dieting, exercising – everything started messing up, and she’s not keeping up with the ideal weight she always wanted.

Not until she started listening to Leslie’s podcast and eventually becoming a part of the Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss program did she see things turning around for the best.

Talk about binge-eating and excessive eating; she, too, can’t believe that’s no longer the case these days.

Panicking when around food and in a social circle? That’s already in her past.

Getting empowered and eating whatever and whenever she wants?

That’s more the scenario now, without fear of what others think and more of what makes her feel happier and better.

Most importantly, it’s about seeing herself as beautiful as ever, and having that awesome feeling radiate through unknowingly and making other people notice that too.

“I was sharing something I don’t share with people. It’s just very scary for me to share, but I got to share it. And I did the ugly crying on camera. And they were there; they supported me through it. They didn’t make me feel like what I was feeling was wrong, or I should be ashamed of it. And that, I think, was really the biggest turning point for me in the program. Because after that everything just expanded.”
– Yvonne

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 01:19 – How was her body weight, life before Hypnosis, and what her professional background is
  • 02:05 – Sharing her journey to getting at her thinnest ever years back
  • 05:10 – What it looks like when your values aren’t aligned with what you are thinking
  • 08:06 – The most essential takeaway she got from listening to Leslie’s podcast
  • 09:47 – That feeling of being heard deeply and specially cared for
  • 11:42 – Her biggest turning point in the Hypnosis program
  • 16:41 – How opportunities started opening up after that ‘ugly cry’
  • 19:47 – Starting to see a beautiful woman in herself staring at her now
  • 22:31 – Achieving that freedom around food and a whole different way of looking at her bodyweight issues
  • 27:31 – Stopping binging and stress-eating
  • 29:22 – It’s not going to be perfect, but something huge is happening
  • 30:27 – Gaining confidence and reminding her of who she truly is
  • 32:42 – Her inspiring words to those who want transformation in their life now

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