What happens when you are on a diet mentality? You see, when you eat more than you should, your mind gets panicky. You become defensive, and your brain harbors dark thoughts about you crossing the line.

That’s how it operates. When you are always about control and restrictions, your mind tells you you cannot trust yourself; the reason why you label food as good or bad, when in fact it’s not. And it’s all just in the mind.

Therefore, your defense mechanism is to act out of fear so that you shield yourself from the pain. But the truth is, the more you hide it for the wrong reasons, the more it keeps haunting you and causing you more pain.

The other side of it looks like this, that when you act out of purpose, even losing weight is no longer a concern. It just happens as you arm yourself with the tool to have that belief-turnaround-work that leads you exactly where you want to be — the road to peace, freedom, and lasting happiness.

Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss provides you with these tools. You only have to act now and begin your journey of a long-term transformation.

“And consider the fact that when you make choices from purpose, then you always get exactly what you want to have and you have total peace, and sometimes you don’t actually want to eat perfectly, or you don’t really care that much about losing weight.”
– Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 01:07 – The frustration you feel when eating more than what you should
  • 02:07 – One thing that needs to be addressed first when your body is in pain – making decisions based on fear versus purpose
  • 06:10 – What happens when your body is too full and how to do away with negative thoughts
  • 08:59 – Forgiving yourself and doing away with putting labels on food
  • 11:41 – What it’s like when you’re on the road to letting go of diet mentality
  • 12:05 – Benefits of knowing the belief turnaround work when you overeat
  • 14:14 – Not an easy journey but all worth it
  • 15:29 – The most significant thing you need to arm yourself with when you embark on this journey to freedom

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