Have you noticed seeing yourself as a failure when others see you as this great person?

That’s where the problem starts, pushing us to subscribe to a diet mentality. Either we restrict ourselves or soothe our insecurities with food in excess.

It helps when we develop self-awareness and tap into the tools that will help us redirect our thoughts and energies into something valuable and intentional for our wellbeing.

Layne Bruner, the founder of Wellthy Soul, uses her positive energy and authenticity to inspire, motivate, and teach others how to create incredible lives full of health and joy, forever. After 20+ years of dancing and performing in college and professionally, Layne battled against insecurity and self-doubt coupled with disordered eating.

In this episode, Layne shares how she came into awareness of her body image issues that prevented her from fully embracing the uniqueness and the potential to live a full life. She was exposed to the reality at an early age that sometimes people make you find your value with what others want you to be and what society and the industry demand that you become.

When what really matters is finding alignment within and your true purpose in life and the impact you have on others, not necessarily about physical appearance alone, that’s where she found herself in a mess for a time.

She shares her journey of a lost child and person trying to fit in but couldn’t make sense of it. And today, she’s become fearless to live a well-meaning life and create a strong positive impact on others. She brings back a healthy self-image not dictated by anyone but by one’s genuine desire to live a life in freedom and authentic happiness.

“When you are more mindfully living, all the way through your body, from ground to ceiling, toes to toes to the crown of your head; when you’re really being self-aware, then you can identify when you’re triggered – to soothe with food versus when you’re just at a birthday party having a birthday celebration. And you can recognize both of those environments in the situations and then be able to make conscious decisions on whether I’m going to have a champagne toast, or if I’m just going to continue to celebrate with water, and that’s okay.”
– Layne Bruner

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 02:59 – What it looks like for her experiencing body image issues at an early age
  • 05:36 – Scarred from birth
  • 06:30 – Dancing professionally but at her worst
  • 11:28 – Using food as a source of control
  • 13:21 – Realizing the reason for her undereating
  • 14:14 – When does she feel out of control of herself
  • 14:59 – Looking at her appearance from her own eyes
  • 15:59 – Self-awareness and what it can do to you
  • 16:45 – Tools that help her manage her feelings of low self-worth and stress
  • 17:37 – Talking about her soul walk and workout – how those two serve their purpose
  • 19:42 – Practicing morning mindset
  • 24:36 – Seeking professional help and the best thing about having an accountability partner
  • 28:53 – Exchange of positive energy and how it helps her deal with negativity
  • 33:31 – Developing and modeling an approach towards handling obesity and weight issues that are less damaging to children
  • 38:53 – The way to getting massive positive results for her clients
  • 39:54 – Sharing that panic attack and what that experience taught her about her life’s purpose
  • 48:11 – How her soul work and mindset work help her live a life of no fear

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