Do you feel like you’re in a bottomless pit where you’re constantly stuffing your mouth with food?

Are you still into the diet mentality, starving yourself to lose weight?

Do you feel sluggish, confused, tired, unenergetic, putting important issues aside and not dealing with them?

You’ve got to check on yourself, what’s all this mess around and the unhealthy habits you keep on doing.

There’s always a way to get rid of all these concerns. Let’s listen to this episode and find out Leslie’s own experience with hunger pains, how she overcame it and what we can do to do away with constant hunger bouts every time and get equipped with tools to make empowered choices.

“If you’re hungry all the time, I will check on your sleep, first thing, like, are you sleeping enough hours? And if not, you prioritize that.”
– Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 01:12 – First cause of you getting hungry all the time and what you should do instead
  • 03:55 – Second cause of constant hunger pangs and how to avoid it
  • 06:51 – Why it’s a bad idea to starve yourself to lose weight
  • 08:01 – Number three thing that causes you to get hungry constantly
  • 08:48 – Important announcement

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