How much of a struggle must it be going through the maddening cycle of trying to get perfect during the day but falling off the wagon come nighttime?

It’s an awful feeling to be entirely resolved at the start of the day to make it to the finish line at night time. And somewhere in the middle, you give in to cravings.

And you tell yourself, take just a few bites, and you’re good to go. But here you are eating way more than what was planned.

And you fail all over again, and you hate yourself for this. How much more can you go on like this?

Do you want to see that day where you just eat whenever you want and choose to eat whatever you feel like eating with no restrictions and calorie-counting?

That’s possible.

Let’s listen to this episode and find out how Leslie got out of her diet mentality, detached herself from emotional eating, and got comfortable around food, whatever it may be.

“Knowing makes no difference. It just makes it worse because you’re trying to focus on something you don’t want to do. And then you want to do it more because of the forbidden fruit effect anyway, so stop it, take off the labels. Take off the judgments.”
– Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 00:02 – Can you relate to this horrible, maddening cycle: getting perfect during the day but binging at night time
  • 02:23 – How the body tends to tell us more of the negative than the positive things happening
  • 03:11 – The forbidden fruit effect
  • 05:03 – How committed are you to getting out of the diet mentality?
  • 06:48 – Tips about nighttime eating
  • 10:07 – Leslie shares how she recovered and got out of diet mentality

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