Nothing is more powerful than our thoughts. Besides, society tells us that is what is happening. And we believe it.

The same thing happens with menopause. Though Science points out facts around weight gain and not losing weight, ultimately, it’s what we believe that matters.

If you continue reinforcing the belief of what everybody says about it with the bad habits and thinking, that would only add up to making you not drop off those excess pounds even more.

Statistics have proven that many women have dropped pounds even in their menopause stage. There is so much that belief can do to lose weight.

If all you think about is what others say about menopause, consider thinking that there could be something else adding up to this wrong notion about menopause and losing weight.

Something deep-rooted might be getting in the way, which needs to be addressed.

Hypnosis can help you figure that out.

“There are so many things tied into menopause, around weight gain, and that you can’t lose weight. It doesn’t mean that Science isn’t real. I know physiologically what happens, but I also know that you can actually lose weight. But your belief could be what’s holding you back.”
– Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 00:01 – Busting myths about menopause
  • 01:38 – Your thoughts become your reality
  • 07:38 – Do you believe what society tells you: See how powerful your mind is

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