Problems often arise because we get triggered by something that’s holding us from the past. Often we don’t recognize them, and that’s when we take things personally.

When there is still that gaping wound inside that we always put aside, the slightest provocation will send us reacting strongly. And food and body image issues come spiraling down. You take it out on yourself when the problem is never really about you. And when the only thing you can do to put things in perspective is just to communicate — ask questions, be curious, so you get things straight out of your head and noisy mind.

Toxic relationships also often contribute to how we take things personally, when it’s all about them.

Awareness and deep work help heal the past wounds that keep us from thinking it’s all our fault.

And Hypnosis provides the tools to keep you past those emotional breakdowns and the food addiction from taking things personally.

“What we do in Hypnosis for permanent weight loss is teach you about the way that you’re feeling and give you the tools to act, feel it in a better way so you can move forward faster and not take things personally or binge your brain out and eat all sorts of cookies and pies.”
– Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 01:47 – The cost of taking things personally
  • 07:14 – What those strong reactions to the hurtful message tell about you
  • 09:03 – The mindset of a food addict
  • 11:36 – A breakdown with her mom and how it spiraled her food battle
  • 14:15 – Communication is the only way out, asking questions and
  • 18:44 – Toxic relationships and all sorts of abuses affecting you in a penetrating way and how you react to it personally
  • 21:18 – Awareness and inner work
  • 23:09 – What you must be aware of about monetary and professional success and the support you need to have
  • 26:42 – How Hypnosis help you with those negative triggers

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