Are you struggling with body weight issues, especially obesity? You might not have minded it, but many opportunities are blocked because your health constrains you.

Perhaps, some of your relationships are strained. And if you might not know, the chemicals in the food you are feeding yourself are the same ones that give you the anxiety and depression you are feeling now. And that’s not making you show up to your highest potential in every area of your life. Hence, the misalignment that’s happening.

Aside from the unhealthy food choice, it could be fear that’s stopping you from owning your freedom. It’s about time you should listen to your inner truth and that little voice inside you telling you that you need help.

That’s where a lifetime of transformation begins, asking for help and taking action. You don’t need to do it alone. If it has already taken years to figure out what works for you, and nothing pans out, now is the time to make things happen.

No one says it’s easy, though, that you get out there, and magic works instantly. You’ve got to put in the work. But the best thing about doing all the hard work is that things get easier as you go along.

Don’t wait any longer for anyone to make you realize you’ve got to do something for your health. It may be too late. Get help and get support. Then, you’ll learn to trust yourself and make empowered choices.

In this episode, Robert Osborne shares his struggle with obesity and how he overcame them by reflecting and listening to what he himself and his body tell him and understanding what it is all about. Once he did that, it spelled a significant difference in his relationship with his wife and all other areas in his life. He may not be perfect through and through, but then, as he built the machine and provided himself with the tools for self-mastery, he knows that a sense of empowered choice guides him. And that’s what all matters, and there he finds his true freedom.

“When you figure out what works for you, you have people around you, supporting you and doing it with you. And when you actually take it seriously, that’s the key.”
~ Robert Osborne

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 04:00 – You don’t have to be constrained by your health
  • 05:03 – Realizing how much he is emotionally held back by food: the reason for anxiety and depression
  • 10:13 – How to help other people transform themselves: work on yourself first
  • 15:35 – Knowing when you’re ready to start and having that clarity of what you want for your life and health
  • 24:28 – Two ways to go about one’s transformation
  • 26:42 – How hard things get easier and help you uplevel your personal life and business
  • 29:36 – What freedom and empowered choice is like when you are not scared around food
  • 33:38 – The need to listen to that little voice inside you
  • 37:31 – Working through your emotions as you go through difficult situations in many areas of your life all at the same time
  • 41:26 – What does your health mean to you, and why do you need to ask for help and take action?
  • 51:32 – It’s not easy, but it’s all worth the freedom you will gain
  • 53:24 – Learning to listen to your inner voice and not any other else
  • 56:24 – Finding that empowering voice in your body

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