Do you count yourself as someone who can’t get past the fast food chains you pass by every day without ever getting yourself a burger or fries to munch on to give in to all those cravings?

What about indulging in all the cookies you can get your sight on?

Have you tried every fad and trend for years to lose the weight you’ve gained, and nothing’s happening?

Most times, you eat what you would label as junk food, and while at it, you find yourself in a negative dialogue with yourself for being bad at eating those stuff.

Sometimes, you would catch yourself being guilty and finding shame in gobbling up all those ‘bad food.’

And all these end up with you questioning your self-worth and self-image, which leads to all those body image issues that become excess pieces of baggage that are hard to deal with.

Imagine this: you are losing weight, but without starving yourself, eating stuff you once labeled as bad, and, most importantly, gaining back your self-confidence.

But first, get out of whatever fear keeps you from investing in yourself. Take action!

That’s when you set on the road to provide yourself with emotional self-mastery tools that the Hypnosis program allows you to have for a lifetime of newly found freedom.

In that case, I invite you to listen to this episode as our guest Sophie, a Hypnosis program alumna, proved otherwise what has taken her years of trying different ways of solving her body weight issues to no avail. This time with the program, she loses weight even when not trying to do it. What could have led to a change of mindset, the inner peace, and the freedom to be around food without being scared about it. And most importantly, acquiring that empowered choice over everything that you do and eat. Isn’t that liberating to think about? That is also possible for you.

“Leslie said something so profound that stays with me every day, you don’t take a shower once, and you’re clean forever. You still have to wash up every day. You can’t just shower once. So, every day I listen to my Hypnosis. And I’ve incorporated it, whether it’s food that’s going in, whether it’s emotions or anything I don’t want; I take care of it with my Hypnosis every night.”
~ Sophie

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 01:41 – What her relationship with food before finding Leslie’s podcast, and what led her to join the program
  • 03:51 – How she dealt with the negative self-talk with herself every time she ate what she termed as ‘bad and naughty’ food
  • 08:10 – What Sophie loves about the program and what helped her the most in her life-changing transformation
  • 11:12 – What it means to invest in yourself, inner-child reparenting, and becoming a person with empathy for others’ feelings and situations
  • 15:50 – Losing weight even when not dieting and getting off the toxic relationship with oneself
  • 25:50 – Not fun every day, but making empowered choices makes all the difference
  • 27:43 – Sophie’s encouraging words for you to find out if this Hypnosis program is a good fit for you

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