Somehow, even when we act and decide to do specific actions based on an empowered choice, we still have that scarcity mindset at the back of it.

We want to make things happen all at once, and our mind keeps wandering off to doing and thinking things that sabotage a slow but sure transformation we want for ourselves.

Perhaps, that’s human nature. And each of us has our own money story that speaks of where we are in our life right now and how we approach that as we make decisions and actions in our everyday life.

Our attitude toward money matters finds its parallelism in the way of a diet mentality when we deal with body weight and body image. This also sends a message of a scarcity mindset.

How do we deal with body weight loss and want every good thing to happen in our life and career right then?

Zack White is a widely regarded coach known for changing the game in engineering career coaching. He has worked with hundreds of engineers at all levels from dozens of top companies worldwide to escape burnout and achieve breakthrough results. Zach is the founder and CEO of Oasis of Courage, known as OACO, a fast-growing company with unique and proven coaching programs exclusively for engineers. He also hosts the Happy Engineer Podcast, where listeners discover the steps to engineering success through expert interviews in Zach’s own transformational framework, The Lifestyle Engineering Blueprint.

In this episode, Zach shares his clients’ contrasting money stories of abundance and scarcity and his own self. Despite being a coach, his experience tells us that in wanting to work on our issues, we still have vulnerabilities to deal with.

And it’s good to have someone to call us out when we go wayward and guide us back to where we should be going and the goal we must fulfill. In that regard, a community of like-minded people who truly understand what you go through and can help you also see the light and freedom that you deserve is what you need.

As the road to transformation is peppered with challenges and not easy, it’s one good idea to have someone hold us accountable to the success we want for ourselves.

“You as a human, have an unlimited return on investment, there is no limit to what you can create when you invest in yourself.”
~ Zach White

What you will learn from this episode:

  • 04:19 – Contrasting money stories of abundance and scarcity
  • 09:13 – Not worrying about solving everything today and having someone guide you every step of the way in your transformational journey
  • 14:24 – How money matters and our attitude towards it also influences our actions towards our body issues and weight loss
  • 17:27 – Zach shares his vulnerabilities: his money baggage realities
  • 25:00 – The reason we need to break the lies we believe between money and our worth
  • 29:24 – Learning to trust your intuition around money
  • 35:25 – You can be fine with none; you can be fine with millions
  • 39:41 – The role money plays in judgment and how that isolates us
  • 50:56 – Getting that unlimited return on investment when you invest in yourself

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