Diet mentality has significantly affected how we look at things, especially concerning food and body weight.

We believe so much about those that aren’t necessarily true for us and everyone. Society and social media are not helping either. They paint something that isn’t everybody’s reality, as we all are different.

Menopause for women is no different. We’re made to believe our weight gain is because of imbalanced hormones during this stage. But the truth is, many factors contributed to it.

Much like in the weight loss topic, a lot of what happens to us, all the stuff our beliefs bring about surrounding menopause, when changed, can help redirect our life.

What isn’t serving us should be discarded; those old beliefs that have been programmed into our subconscious need to be repatterned. That’s the only time we can own back our worth and master our emotions, not so much to be perfect but to be compassionate to ourselves.

That way, when we let go of those false beliefs about food and ourselves, we learn to trust ourselves more and whatever decision we have and help us do things from an empowered space and not fear.

Dr. Michelle Gordon is the Founder of The Menopause Movement. She helps women master themselves and relaunch their lives in midlife to make the next part of their lives the best part.

In this episode, Dr. Michelle Gordon shared how she has learned to let go of beliefs that don’t serve her. She admits to having much trauma and false beliefs in her childhood, which kept her from doing the things that helped her become what she truly wants.

She believes that with forgiveness, she was able to reparent that inner child within her that had been through much trauma and has now experienced healing.

She also helps us understand what it is about the false notions about menopause that many associate with and how we can overcome the challenges brought about by this stage in a woman’s life. And also debunking all the myths around this issue and start living a more meaningful and joyful life.

“Forgiveness is such a key to healing ourselves and healing that child. We’re adults now. And if we’re still reliving something that happened to us, when we were children, then in reality, a child is running our lives. And when I got that realization, I was like, I need to heal that inner child, I need to parent that child to be the person I want.”
~ Dr. Michelle Gordon

What you will learn from this episode:

  • 04:52 – What is behind the start of the Menopause Movement?
  • 16:00 – Weight loss is an inner game
  • 22:10 – How making a conscious decision to appreciate yourself makes a difference
  • 26:13 – The truth about menopause and what you should need to understand about the many stuff happening around it
  • 31:07 – How subconscious programming makes us lean toward the patterns that fuel weight gain
  • 34:51 – The truth about food and sugar addiction and how to top putting off the thing that can truly help you
  • 39:57 – How society and social media want us to look a certain way when we don’t necessarily have to
  • 42:27 – How forgiveness helps in healing our inner child
  • 45:32 – What she’s up to these days

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