Life can sometimes be chaotic. With so many voices running in our minds, we don’t know what to believe, and often we think of that which abuses our relationship with ourselves, making us feel unworthy of ourselves.

That also means protecting ourselves from getting hurt by doing things that keep us safe but erode our confidence and self-worth in the process. And this process goes on for years without us knowing and understanding why we do what we do and what makes us the way we are.

And the most painful part is that we often blame ourselves for all that’s happening. And that even with how much willpower we have, we cannot get off from our present predicament to what we truly want for ourselves.

That’s why we must understand and be aware of ourselves so we can fully get away from the past trauma that gets us stuck in suffering.

And Neurolinguistic Programming tools and Hypnosis help us do these things, accessing the subconscious mind and repatterning it to have a new leash on life and change in behaviors.

Meet Tomas Suski, our guest for today’s episode, an Engineer of the Mind who helps entrepreneurs break through their own personal limitations.

In this episode, Thomas shares how the Neurolinguistic Programming tools and Hypnosis helped him better understand himself, bringing a massive and life-changing transformation into his being. And he is just so excited to share this significant change and achievement brought about by the Neurolinguistic Programming and Hypnosis tools that got him out of that survival mindset and going towards what you truly desire.

Find out how some of these helpful tools for emotional mastery brought about something he never thought would be possible in his life – a secret that the universe has, he says, that should be out and shared with people to help them get empowered.

“I was trying to use willpower and never getting where I wanted to go. And then I realized that there’s this deeper component that does all the work. And if you know how to access the subconscious mind, you can make all the changes you could ever imagine. And that’s exactly what happened.”
~ Thomas Suski

What you will learn from this episode:

  • 03:37 – Believing in Hypnosis and helping enrollees into the program
  • 04:50 – Getting into Neuro Linguistics Programming and his life-changing experience with Hypnosis
  • 12:23 – Privileged and blessed to receive the secrets of the universe and now sharing it
  • 16:28 – What you should know about willpower and how Neurolinguistic Programming is the tool that brings you from point A to point B
  • 23:56 – Relating his Neurolinguistic Programming [neuro linguistics programming] experience and the life-changing transformation it has done in his life
  • 28:23 – Understanding the amount of information that goes into the unconscious mind and the tiny number that we can only perceive
  • 30:18 – One Neurolinguistic Programming tool that has done the most impact in his life
  • 39:22 – Understanding the values work Neurolinguistic Programming tool and how it can help change your life [survival mode versus going towards pleasure]

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