Life has its ups and downs. We all experience that, and sometimes it comes to the point that we cannot just let it sit on the side.

We make decisions to find ourselves again, and when we do those significant steps in our lives, that’s when disintegration in some parts of our life happens.

And that is so much to bear. And that when we don’t have that support system and emotional mastery to combat that, everything fails, and the cycle of feeling like a failure always haunts us.

There has to be a way of making us aware that whatever storm we go through in life, we see it as something happening for us, not about ‘to us.’

If we go through alone figuring things out, we’ll just return to our old selves. But when we get support, like coaching, that’s when we get accountability, and that real awareness of ourselves and what needs working to become our authentic selves is realized; that’s when true freedom and happiness set in. And you deserve that.

“People who are on a constant diet can’t and are always frustrated about this, they are the ones that need this work the most. That’s why I’m talking to you. We work on this stuff because it’s just your negative thinking and mindset that’s getting in your way of having it all.”
~ Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Understanding why tons of breakdowns happen after a big decision [and the law of attraction that transpires]
  • Look at it as, how is this happening for me, instead of to me
  • What you can do when you reach a point in life where you make a big decision, and something else falls apart
  • What it means to have that honesty with yourself from a place of empowerment
  • Getting support but more than therapy
  • Medications versus accountability and authentic support system

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