Time for a reality check. A growing number of people are listening to this Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss podcast. That means a lot of you are listening out there, both repeat listeners and new listeners. This is apparent in the increasing number of podcast downloads.

All this time, she knows you’ve been with her and listening, but she’s just wondering why she hasn’t seen your faces, and why you haven’t moved forward. It’s as if she’s being abandoned, that’s how she feels.

There’s actually a request from her: Email her, just say whatever you like, whatever you want to say. Let her know you’re there. She totally looks forward to hearing from you.

“This podcast and the business has been the most fantastic, moving, and beautiful. Like, it could make me emotional very easily to talk about what a gift it’s been to be able to not only be a coach but to have this type of platform that’s just like so much in alignment with me.”
~ Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Leslie’s call: Where are you?
  • A revisit on the human design episode and its five types and how each is projecting [Leslie’s type indicates the reason why she’s podcasting and she’s also sharing the reason for doing so]
  • Leslie’s request: let her know just about anything you can think of; email her now
  • Important announcement: Twice a week podcast coming up

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