Do you get triggered at the slightest provocation from anything? Do you snap at every little thing that upsets you? Are you always out to prove to people that you’re the best at what you do and feel invincible? You get all the success in your career, but it seems like all this is wanting.

That’s how things look like when your personal being within is not in tune with what you appear outside. There’s a constant clash reflected in how you relate to people and yourself; your joy and happiness are not authentic.

In this episode, Brigette Sobus shares how Neurolinguistic Programming became the massive transformational modality that brought about groundbreaking life changes in her. A complete reframing of the mind happened to her, working deep into the subconscious, weeding out the remnants of past hurts and trauma. With it, she feels that any emotions are never holding her up now. She learns to tap into her emotional mastery tools and never numb them with food, alcohol, or anything she can think of. She now has the freedom to live in joy, happiness, and abundance even amidst life’s trials.

“There are ripple effects [Neurolinguistic Programming]; it makes everybody else’s lives better. And that just is like a ripple effect on the world, which I think is one of the most powerful things.”
~ Brigette Sobus

What you will learn from this episode:

  • 04:17 – Sharing how her personal life wasn’t a reflection of all the success she’s been getting in her business and career
  • 11:19 – Becoming ego-driven, a people pleaser, and a coach with short lived breakthroughs and how it’s taking a toll on her
  • 16:28 – A whole new different person with Neurolinguistic Programming
  • 19:02 – What influenced that fire within her to be a go-getter and leader
  • 23:07 – The interesting thing about Neurolinguistic Programming and how it massively transformed the way she handles difficult situations
  • 31:34 – Feeling overjoyed over the ripple effect of what Neurolinguistic Programming has done to her students
  • 33:38 – Neurolinguistic Programming tool that has been the most helpful for her
  • 34:40 – How timeline therapy works best
  • 38:30 – Living her best life despite having a second diagnosis of cancer

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