What story do you want to wake up to? First, look within you; what is it you’re seeing? Does it seem like a little kid crying and wailing, asking for help?

How often have you looked for solutions in the wrong places to numb them to no avail? It’s still the same, and those hurts, wounds, and trauma are still gaping that a slight trigger would send you falling off and blaming yourself again.

Isn’t it about time to step away from that mess and dive into all the possibilities? Our mind can contain all those negative thoughts that send us powerless to take control of our life. But you can always repattern it.

There’s definitely a great life waiting for you. But first, feel the pain, face your fears and reach out for help. Hypnosis for permanent weight loss gives you the chance to wake up to your best life.

“You can change your mind, the way you think and view life.”
~ Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Feeling the pain to change the way you look at life.
  • Experiencing the indicators that you’re going to live your best life yet
  • Painting that shaming voice you have of yourself [how it is manifested in your life]
  • What’s slowly killing you?
  • Giving yourself the permission to cry out loud and get angry (the way to self-soothing yourself and feeling positive again)
  • Time to wake up from the story of scarcity
  • Talking about this ‘belief of not enoughness’
  • What story do you want to wake up to and how is that story happening now?

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