Are you going through anything difficult right now? Does it seem like nothing good could come of it? Does it mean the end of the road for you?

One can never underestimate the pain of finding out one day that one has cancer. You may wonder, ‘What happened all along when you were living a healthy lifestyle?’ No one has any answer, or so we thought.

It is either you crumble, or you accept and decide to have a strong mindset overpowering any negative influence cancer may have on you.

In this episode, Mo Howerton shares how life was when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. As painful as it was, it was also shocking. She was living a fit lifestyle, so how could this happen to her? Her struggles did not stop there; she is a single mother of two, is at risk of losing her job, and is also going through a divorce while doing chemotherapy. That was indeed a hard pill to swallow. How did she live through it and come out stronger with no more cancer symptoms? There is definitely nothing that can beat someone who has a strong mental power. Awe-inspiring in its resilience, strength, and positivity, this woman shows you that no obstacle is too big for you to overcome.

“That Hypnosis, it’s crazy how I had to subconsciously change that blueprint that I had stepped into as living this life that wasn’t working, and it wasn’t me. But how do you fix that? How do you change that? One little thought at a time, one hour at a time, one day at a time, but I had to change how I thought and viewed myself.”
~ Moira Howerton

What you will learn from this episode:

  • 03:49 – What her life looked like being diagnosed with cancer, living with it and having two babies to look after
  • 15:22 – Going into chemo, holding on to her identity as a strong woman and making use of the power of the mind
  • 21:01 – Approaching cancer during its worst days – had to do the job of healing from the inside out
  • 25:56 – Acknowledging the fact that she has this natural state of positivity and strength but at the same time constantly pushing her resiliency threshold
  • 27:09 – What pain truly is and how to dig into it and wipe it out and start afresh
  • 29:14 – Needing to live in alignment while going through the most challenging time of her life
  • 31:11 – The good things that were happening without her realizing it
  • 34:00 – Manifesting a positive reflection that people are seeing in her
  • 37:21 – Inspiring words from Mo: “You don’t have to accept the cards that you’re dealt with; you just have to play the heck out of them.”

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