We tend to be more understanding, caring, and loving towards others we are in the same boat with. Yet we don’t allow ourselves to experience that, putting a lot of pressure on ourselves. And being the perfectionist that we are, when we fall off track, we hate ourselves for that.

That’s not what sustainable weight loss looks like. Because it’s about healing at the source, clearing out misaligned beliefs, quieting down the noises in your head, and making empowered food choices. And Hypnosis is the way for that to help you on the road to lasting happiness and freedom.

“Invitation to learn how to love yourself, feel compassionate towards yourself, and heal yourself. And focus on that rather than the food and noticing that the more that you focus on that healing at the source, the more spaciousness there is between you and the food and your ability to live your life.”
~ Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Mindset differences between alcoholics and food addicts
  • Understanding the perfectionist in you
  • What sustainable weight loss looks like
  • Seeing that part of you that’s unmanageable and working on it
  • Losing weight out of fear versus having empowered food choices
  • Invitation to heal at the source and live your best life onwards

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