One’s food obsession and struggles associated with weight and body issues go back to a life lived in fear, trauma, abuse, negativity, hatred, and criticism.

When you’ve been on a diet mentality for so long, you get so accustomed and familiar with it for the longest time that the idea of getting out of it seems scary because you don’t know what awaits you outside of it. You seem to thrive in the bubble that you’ve created yourself.

That seems so because you cover it up with something not long-lasting, but the more you mask it up, the more the inner wound festers, and the stronger your food obsession becomes to numb it even more.

Those mental chatters never go away without shedding light on that deeper reason and ultimately coming to terms with it. Hypnosis for permanent weight loss gets you the support you need. With the tools it provides to turn around any negativity and hatred you’ve been trapped into, the only way to get back to not obsessing over food again is to go back to love — self-love and self-compassion for yourself.

“Anytime that something that’s not that [ faith, love, compassion, and presence ] enters your body or your mind, then we choose to use the tools that you get in the hypnosis for permanent weight loss program to change them around. To change a fearful thought into a positive one, to change an anxious part into something that you can choose not to have to be there. Getting yourself out of the way is the only thing that’s necessary.”
~ Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from this episode:

  • What pain looks like for someone going through food, body, and weight issues (plus realizations from a life lived in a diet mentality)
  • Food obsession and how it is intertwined with one’s internal struggle caused by trauma, abuse, negativity, criticism, and hatred
  • Does a life of peace, joy, and freedom even exist when most of your life you’re living in control and restriction
  • Counteracting the negativity with a much stronger positivity
  • A journey back to love

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