A lot of things happen in our lives that drive our emotions and thoughts. Our actions are induced by this, whether we run away from it or lean into faith and trust. The ability to look at things objectively, pondering why things happen to us and not to others.

It is true that one thing can mean different things to different people, but when you truly know what you need, you make decisions from a place of empowerment.

We act based on our emotions, and if they are not mastered, things can get out of control. To walk the path to freedom and peace, we need the help and support of mentors and coaches. Not to mention the tools needed for self-mastery.

Gavin McHale is a personality development coach who helps high performers live a more conscious and impactful life.

In this episode, Gavin shares his experience numbing everything away with alcohol. Instead of facing the problem head-on, he went farther away from it, looking for short-term solutions that dragged him more into the pit of desperation.

The same thing happened when he had to face challenges in his business. When he realized he wouldn’t settle for less than what he set out to achieve, he acknowledged the problem, looked for the solution, and reached out to people he knew to have his best interest at hand. And that made him expand his life from a place of love and commitment.

“This is what matters in life; living a better life is becoming aware of your patterns, becoming more conscious, and then truly making an intentional decision to change them.”
~ Gavin Mchale

What you will learn from this episode:

  • 07:00 – 3 lessons from the podcast accountability story
  • 13:40 – Change takes time, but when it does it happens all at once
  • 15:00 – Selling transformation
  • 21:37 – The idea of ‘updating your operating system’
  • 23:49 – What to look for when finding a coach and mentor
  • 28:51 – Gavin shares his experience with getting the best coaches to help him and work with
  • 32:08 – Leaning into trust and faith
  • 38:50 – What it takes to learn faster and get results quicker
  • 48:45 – Every event is neutral, depending on where you’re coming from
  • 55:28 – Making your action lead to more alignment in your life and decisions
  • 56:34 – Finding opportunities in the circumstances you’re in instead of finding faults
  • 01:00:35 – That safety net you’ve been holding on to is not actually what it is; dig deep
  • 01:06:44 – Get an objective assessment of yourself; the answer is just inside of yourself

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