It is tough to have cancer. When the cure is so far off, it’s like receiving a death sentence. Although, one cannot ignore the fact that even up to now, it’s still dreadful to hear that one has this disease.

Having this illness means either accepting it and doing the best you can, or getting carried away by the pain and desperation of having it. You always have a choice.

In many situations, those who have a strong mental state and exude positivity survive. What you believe will cure you 100 percent will most likely happen. We will achieve what we constantly bombard our minds with. Because the truth is, our mind works stronger on what we focus on. In this episode, another story proves the power of mindset.

Jemma Cabral is a 2-time cancer survivor, a business coach at @ezcleancoaching, a dog lover, a foodie, and an Orangetheory Fitness Enthusiast. She also calls herself, sometimes, a runner.

Jemma shares her story of overcoming the dreaded cancer twice. In addition to battling an illness and facing chemotherapy, she had a very young son to care for. This happened at the age of 22, when women her age would be clubbing and partying.

Having a little human being to take care of made going away an impossible option for her. It was all she needed to hear from her mother, reminding her of her son. This leads her to create a mindset tougher than cancer. As a result, she entertained positive thoughts that made her discover her purpose and pay it forward after she got healed.

“Mindsets is everything; whether it’s in business, like when you have tough months, you just have to know that there’s going to be a better month ahead. There’ll be a different client ahead. There will be someone out there that needs you or your service.”
~ Jemma Cabral

What you will learn from this episode:

  • 03:28 – Looking back at the time she had cancer and she was only 22
  • 06:38 – What got her through those harrowing high dose chemo and stem cell therapy? (the power of mindset)
  • 09:42 – Coming from a racial lineage with a cheerful disposition which is contributory to her positive frame of mind
  • 11:49 – The words she needed to hear to keep fighting
  • 13:42 – Mindset is everything! (..and how she attributes it to her own success)
  • 15:22 – The hardest part of having cancer
  • 17:53 – How she’d talk to people having cancer in her many speaking events and even to those who reached out to her personally
  • 20:27 – Your body responds to what you tell it do
  • 24:08 – How mindset work can be something powerful against all odds
  • 28:46 – Finding purpose in what you’re going or went through and paying it forward
  • 30:18 – Difference between cancer treatment now than it was before
  • 32:41 – Finding support for someone going through cancer

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