If there is one thing that makes one not get successful at weight loss is because of the blockages that we unconsciously put in the way. When we’re on a diet mentality, these two things are huge, control and perfectionism, whether we notice it or not. The moment we let these two run us, it never stops there. Our indulgent and procrastinating parts come in to push us even more into the depths of food obsession. And that is never fun, and there is no way of healing.

In the Hypnosis program, we’ve incorporated something that’s very life changing. It’s about dealing with all those blockages we call parts of ourselves that closes the way of genuinely transforming us into empowered individuals. Someone not scared to be around food and eating way more than one should. 

And whatever triggers come one’s way, there’s a tool that you know how to handle those emotions even after the program ends. Because that’s where it matters the most, learning how to use the tools yourself without just being codependent on the program.

If you want to know how to identify those parts of you that need quieting, join us now as we do the demo for you — talking and listening to that part of you that needs understanding, caring, and loving so you get back to a consistent alignment to yourself.

“My intention for all my clients at hypnosis for permanent weight loss is that they feel confident to know how to handle their big bad emotions. Why? Because the one thing that drives me nuts is when programs work while you’re in them. And then, after you’re done, you’re like a fish out of water because you’re just codependent on the program. And you don’t feel empowered to use this stuff alone. So we train our clients in the emotional mastery tools and make sure that they feel confident in using them before graduation.” – Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from this episode:

  • The evolution happening in the Hypnosis program that is becoming more transformational.
  • Expounding on parts work [ and the massive transformation it brings]
  • How important is identifying your procrastinator and perfectionist part? [plus using the right emotional mastery tool to properly address it]
  • A demo on identifying your indulger, perfectionist, or judger parts — talking and listening to it and not just shoving it away
  • How transformational that can become [putting those parts in front of you, talking and listening to them]

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