Why does it seem like you’re stuck in your weight loss journey, and whatever you do, you still come circling back to where you were — desperate and out of control with your food obsession?

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you had a massive transformation?

Feel the pain, face your fears, and act now.

Do you know how that happens?

Here’s how we’ll find out.

In this episode, Travis discusses his journey to overcome insecurities and trauma. A bad childhood experience became his driving force. As a result, he became Mr. Oklahoma four times, reached his first million, beat anxiety, and became a man of success.

“I like to tell people, you can use your bad upbringing and mistakes as a reason why you’re not getting to where you want to be with your weight loss, business, or what you want to do. I said, turn it around and use that as ‘You know what, that probably made you pretty tough.’ And I bet if you’re tough because you got to go through some crap, that means you’re tough enough to deal with what a lot of business owners can’t when things get tough.” – Travis Garza

What you’ll learn from this episode:

04:56 – Finding meaning in what you’re doing — the way to self-love and self-care

06:37 – Changing the narrative of what you do to find motivation for self-love

08:43 – What is realistic and sustainable?

10:14 – Winning Mr. Oklahoma four times

11:14 – Recalling that traumatic experience in his childhood and that moment that led to a life of insecurity for a very long time

17:11 – Sharing that awakening time in his life

21:33 – What got his anxiety turning down to 30%?

26:55 – Feeling like it was any big deal until it was a big deal

29:00 – Hitting that one million [one important takeaway]

33:09 – Getting on that mindset that we deserve to be successful

34:25 – Find out about the 42-day fat loss program

35:54 – What your bad situation is telling you

38:49 – Rewriting your narrative [and the value in having a coach]

43:10 – How much is your health worth?

46:45 – Don’t wait till you’re in pain to hire a coach

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