How do we let out those emotions that are disturbing us inside? Food is the first thing that comes to mind. How often do we find comfort in food to soothe our ill feelings? A lot of times, we do that. Instead of facing the problem, sitting down with what we feel, and truly knowing what we want, we choose to numb the pain and ignore the feeling with food.

Or we cry. But how do we cry? Do we let the negative thoughts set in, so we let the emotions out and get done with it? Or we do other forms of crying — purging, binging, drinking, and what have you.

Yes, behind all this obsession with food is a big emotional battle that we are in. If only we learn to love ourselves again; this is where reparenting can greatly help. It’s about using emotional mastery tools to help with our triggers, making that inner shamer inside us become something productive. And knowing how to balance between giving in to something where the answer is food or just a really good cry to let the emotions out. It is about leaning into our most authentic selves in all aspects of life. Hypnosis helps us go through this journey toward lasting freedom and happiness.

“Binging and purging are that, when it’s happening, it’s signifying that there is a large emotion. And it could be from that shame or blaming oneself that needs to come out. And this is why it’s so easy to cure these things and to have it not be an issue anymore for people. And it’s a process.”¬†– Leslie Thornton¬†

What you will learn from this episode:

01:19 – Talking about the emotional aspect of binging and purging

06:07 – Ways one avoids the inner shamer

10:08 – What causes one to binge [and how to be able to safely feel your feelings to get the emotions out]

13:33 – How do you cry?

15:20 – Allowing those negative thoughts in just so you let the emotions out

18:13 – We’re not about dieting but living our authentic selves in all aspects

19:17 – Teaching yourself to look for a productive solution [what it looks like reparenting yourself]

32:45 – Steps you can do to fully heal from your past hurts and trauma [tools you can use to master those negative emotions]

34:16 – Learnings in failures [what the process tells you about the reasons you love yourself]

36:15 – Financing terms you can avail to become a part of the Hypnosis program

37:42 – What’s your commitment to yourself?

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