Unconsciously, you may have created a habit of seeking comfort in food whenever bad things happen to you. You’re not even aware of it. However, what truly happens to you is just a way to numb your pain and mental chatter.

Have you ever felt this way — something triggered you, but in the midst of things and the busyness of the day, you set it aside and continued without fully feeling the whole emotion? Before you know it, you’ll be turning to food for comfort. To feel a sense of peace in a way; to temporarily escape the pain that has surrounded you. The same thing happens every time you get scared and don’t face your fears.

Immogen Courtney discusses how nothing feels right despite her efforts in personal development and gut health. When she got into Hypnosis, she understood what her past behavior meant when she’d find food whenever something bad happened. She only realizes now that it was an act of escaping the pain she had put aside so long. Once she learned about the emotional mastery tools, she understood that feelings should be expressed safely, letting them all out. What a relief it had been to be free from all those restrictive mental states. In this beautiful journey of freedom, she finds herself.

“I had to go through this whole journey of this health protocols. I healed my internal body and my physical body. Now there’s this emotional part that desperately needs love, attention, and compassion. I’m grateful for the journey I’ve been on in the last few months, even though it’s been pretty rocky and challenging. But it’s led me to you [Hypnosis]. And it’s led me to life’s freedom.” – Immogen Courtney


What you will learn from this episode:

02:02 – What brought Imogen to the Hypnosis program

04:57 – Knowing where you come from: a place of fear or a genuine desire to be healthy no matter the look

15:08 – Unlocking the greatness in truly processing your emotions [and what often happens when were triggered and don’t deal with it the way we should]

24:09 – Choosing the path of emotional mastery means healing yourself and your relationships with loved ones

27:21 – Feeling your emotions, letting them come through in a safe manner

34:00 – Sharing about her business and how Hypnosis gives her that free space to be with herself amidst the busyness

39:00 – What she would like to tell everyone about her Hypnosis journey

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