“As I grew more in touch with my weaknesses, my failures, my emotions, and I was more willing to be vulnerable and share about them, they created a stronger connection with people. It created more communities, it created more resonance in my life the more willing I was able to do that.” – Zander Fryer

What you’ll learn from this episode:

03:21 – Touching on spirituality, faith, and God

06:23 – Believing in God

08:59 – An upbringing rooted in love that he owes a lot from her parents

12:14 – The power of the brain to heal your body

14:41 – Who are the truly successful people?

16:00 – What Zander considers his main job

21:10 – Important lessons from his best friends’ death

26:06 – The biggest reason for suicide [and what society dictates us to feel about weak emotions]

30:30 – How to best deal with negative emotions, shame for that matter [getting through fear and failure to get to success]

32:21 – Finding wisdom in the mud of shame and negativity

34:30 – Things get easier as you shed more and more baggage

38:00 – Why do we think we have all the control over everything that’s going to happen

40:00 – Who you spend your time with is the most impactful thing that can happen to you

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