You may be wondering what goes into the preparation of each podcast episode that Leslie does. Well then, she is sharing that with you today.

  • First off, as the projector that she is, studying human design, she loves listening to transformational materials, including her own studies of Neuro Linguistics Programming and other people’s breakthroughs.
  • Her team also sends her ideas of their own, having gone through the Hypnosis program themselves.
  •  She also considers her clients and what message they want to be delivered and discussed.

Post-production-wise, her team takes care of everything. She only records, that’s it. The team edits, writes show notes, and ensures it goes out to you. This time, twice a week now.

Leslie has only the best intention for everyone. She wants to emphasize that losing weight is not her podcast’s primary purpose. She, however, wants that to happen. But more than that, her concern is about everyone living their healthiest and happiest lives where all aspects of one’s life work together and create a purpose-filled and meaningful life.

Let’s join Leslie now as she talks about what goes on in each episode she records and how she wants people to know the endless possibilities of greatness awaiting when you heal your inner world with the help of Hypnosis.

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