What often happens is we focus more on what’s missing; we fill our life with endless worries that are eating up our energy and getting us scared, resulting in us not thinking and doing exactly what we’re supposed to do.

And what also ends up happening is that once we let fear sets in, that extends to all areas of life. Now that we’re at this time again of all those promises we want to make to ourselves, we need to realize that before we even begin to enumerate our new year’s resolution, let’s fix our mindset of positive thinking.

The only thing getting in the way of achieving our goals, living healthier, and getting healed from our disease is our negative perspective on life. If we only learn how to master positive thinking, we can always overcome whatever struggles we’re faced with.

As our guests in this podcast have proven, only their positive mindset let them end up on the other side of the road, overcoming their diseases, continuing to live in faith and trust, and choosing to be happy and fearless amidst the uncertainty of life. And for many of them, it never failed them.

“The reason why this is the only one that matters is that once you master positive thinking it can be applied to anything you want in your life — a better body, a better partner or relationship, a better career, or a better financial situation.” – Leslie Thornton

What you’ll learn from this episode:

01:06 – What’s the only New Year’s Resolution you should focus on?

06:02 – Creating a more connected life with yourself and with loved ones

09:48 – YouTube channels you should check out and podcast guests you should watch out for

11:07 – ” It’s how in the now you can get yourself to be.”

13:38 – How that trauma energy causes that disease in your body [plus learning how to sit with and be with the negative emotions that you feel]

15:28 – How mastering positive thinking brightens every aspect of your life

17:52 – Leslie giving free Hypnosis coaching

19:14 – Important piece of wisdom she got from her grandma [ and what it all leads to: Your ultimate health and success]

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