We know of many who get stuck in the life they live, be it a relationship, career, or lifestyle. The reason may be is for validation and external approval. Or maybe, as most often is the answer, lack of choice. For most of their lives, that’s their source of comfort and security. But deep down inside, there is something else they love to do.

Whether one admits it or not, the unhappiness they feel within, it’s as if, it’s eating them alive. And that affects the way they see things and even their very own selves.

We don’t realize it, but most often, there is the ego that gets in the way of truly embracing our true selves and what we truly want in life. We have so many concerns in life. And it’s normal to feel that way, but sometimes those fears prevent us from getting to a safer and more peaceful life on the other side.

We don’t trust ourselves when it comes to food decisions. We’re uncomfortable around food, which is understandable, as most of us are made to believe in a diet mentality.

But we need to see that the only way to freedom and lasting happiness is to face that fear, take action, and love ourselves enough to do what our authentic selves desire.

Chelsea Turgeon is host of The Life After Medicine Podcast, a bestselling author of Residency Drop Out, a career Coach who helps healthcare professionals recover from burnout and find career fulfillment.

In this episode, let’s listen to Chelsea as she shares with us how she spent years training to be a doctor, but once she started working in the hospital, she realized she did not enjoy or connect to the work. She had so much dread of waking up and going into the hospital each day. She had this overwhelming gut feeling that medicine wasn’t the right path for her. During her 2nd year of residency, she listened to her gut, quit her residency program and moved to South Korea to travel, teach English, and explore her true passions.

Now 2 years later, she’s built up a successful online coaching business she loves that gives her the freedom and flexibility to travel the world. She also feels a deep sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that this is the work she’s meant to be doing.

A story that encourages us to follow what we want in life. We only need to listen and follow what our authentic design in this life is calling us to do. That’s where true freedom and happiness can be found.

“Honor your discontent; don’t gaslight yourself if you’re unhappy . That matters; there is something there. Just listen to yourself” – Chelsea Turgeon

What you will learn from this episode:

05:21 – Leaving a life that’s just feeding her ego and choosing to live in happiness

14:49 – One significant aspect of her journey that helps her find her true calling [coaching and travelling]

23:53 – Facing your fears and overcoming them [two processes you can do to get past them]

27:54 – Two essential things you need to make things happen

28:23 – What failure of trusting yourself looks like

31:00 – Talking about the power of mentorship [how to strategically set up yourself for success]

31:26 – Talking about her book, ‘Residency Dropout’ and what it is all about [your important questions answered]

39:06 – Where you can find Chelsea’s book: Residency Dropout

40:05 – Encouraging words for everyone who is stuck with their life.

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