Hitting a goal is not without struggles. When left alone with no one to make us accountable for our actions is challenging. And all the more, it isn’t easy to make things happen when what we do is not in alignment with our authentic selves. Vision boarding is like having a Northstar and a regular reminder of how close we are to achieving our goals.

To help us with the tools to be in resonance with our core being and make things less complicated and overwhelming, Hypnosis for permanent weight loss can help with that. With it, we act on our desires and make things happen as we step out of our fears, that are often what’s holding us back.

“And the way that we actually get a belief to stay in the subconscious is through repetition, visualizing, and emotionalizing it.” – Leslie Thornton

What you’ll learn from this episode:

01:23 – The power in vision boarding

02:30 – Reading one meaningful quote about desires

03:23 – Acting on those desires and making them happen [plus, why we need to be careful sharing our desires with anyone]

08:33 – Why saying yes to your desires matters

10:15 – Important thoughts about the vision boards and the key things to making things work out in your favor

12:42 – Eliminating beliefs and living in alignment with yourself

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