What makes us not reach our goals is because we decide from a place of fear and anxiety. And when we do, oftentimes we fall into food obsession. Whether we realize it or not, that’s our first instinct, we find comfort in food and every emotion we have we associate it with food. Especially, when we’re down and not feeling good we think food is our only recourse, if only to make us happy again.

But I know for a fact that there is always a way out, I’ve been in your shoes and I know that being around people who have the same challenges as you under a coach makes one become accountable for each other and more successful at realizing success in your search for freedom and happiness.

Besides, making decisions for a goal that’s coming from a place of abundance is more empowering and inspiring. This Hypnosis program helps you have these emotional mastery tools for making things happen without stress and anxiety just positivity pushing you through to step into a life of abundance.

“And so if we want to have a different experience, we need to step into abundance and into that mindset of there’s more than enough, there’s more than enough money to go around.” – Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from this episode:

01:06 – Leslie as reflects back on her own anxiety, food and body weigh issues years ago

02:46 – That time she found out about Hypnosis and the physiological changes brought about it

03:45 – The start of finding opportunities and creating something positive by tapping into the unconscious mind

04:50 – The recipe for success in food and body weight freedom

06:43 – The vocation Leslie finds herself in: helping people let go of mental obsession and addiction

08:43 – Where we see scarcity affecting us everywhere

09:43 – Stepping into abundance and experiencing a different and positive vibe

10:01 – Neurolinguistic Programming trainings:’ toward goals’ versus ‘away goals’

10:59 – An invitation to making this year your ‘toward goal’

13:11 – What it looks like to have an abundance mindset

13:58 Direct connection between food behaviors and your abundance mindset: How often do you think abundant thoughts

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