Self-worth is a fundamental aspect of a person’s identity. It is especially important for women and leaders to have a strong sense of self-worth. The ability to recognize your own value and worth is crucial in achieving personal and professional success.

Unfortunately, many women and leaders struggle with self-worth due to societal pressures, personal experiences, and other factors. The lack of self-worth can manifest itself in various ways, such as negative self-talk, imposter syndrome, feelings of not being good enough, low self-esteem, and a fear of failure.

These feelings can be debilitating and can prevent women and leaders from reaching their full potential. However, there are ways to develop and strengthen self-worth, and it starts with recognizing your own value.

Allison Lacoursiere is an innovator in Clear Aligner Operations and the creator of the Clear Aligner Systemization methodology. As the founder of Clear Coaching she is an expert in Clear Aligner Systems and helping Dentists streamline their efficiency and increase their production. She is a certified Professional Coach through IPEC and a member of the International Coaches Federation, UC Davis for Coaching as a Manager and is certified as a Transformational Trainer through Lionspeak. A sought after Coach, Consultant, and Speaker, Allison can help any dental office struggling with not enough time, disorganization or inefficiency to better train and delegate amongst their team to improve their office culture and increase their revenues.

In this episode, Allison helps us pursue a healthy sense of self-worth where you are more likely to set boundaries, take risks, and pursue your goals to achieve success and happiness in all areas of life.

“Every success that we want, and if we want something different in our lives, it comes from this foundation of worthiness. If you want to have a relationship, career, and travel the world you must feel worthy about that.” – Allison Lacoursiere

What you will learn from this episode:

03:42 – Packing up for one of her greatest adventures in life

06:14 – Meet the fiery spirit woman who makes things happen

09:14 – How she relates to her father in the way she pursues what she wants in life

10:49 – What her family’s thoughts were with her going on an adventure to Bermuda [going and trying and seeing what happens]

16:25 – You can never escape your alignment

21:48 – What it was like moving not in alignment of who you are

33:11 – A shattered life that gives way for self-discovery and stepping into her authentic self

40:54 – Letting go of the past and finding alignment for the future self that we desire to become

44:11 – Looking at those painful experiences as information signaling we need to do something better for ourselves

49:44 – Visualization and mastering success in her business

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