We often look up to leaders as examples of success and discipline. However, despite their success in other areas, many leaders struggle with a common issue: weight management. It can be surprising to see individuals with so much control over their professional lives struggle with something as seemingly straightforward as maintaining a healthy weight and getting away from food obsession.

In this second episode, we will explore some of the reasons why leaders may struggle with weight and body issues and offer some tips on how to prioritize health and wellness in a busy and demanding role.

“For those of us who have been weight obsessed our entire lives, we need to know that the answer for us is not to focus on nutrition and being perfect with your diet. The answer is to actually get more in touch with your feelings and learn how to move through and feel past your really hard and challenging emotions.” – Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from this episode:

03:05 – The vicious cycle of a diet mentality

07:49 – What makes you continue eating even if it makes you feel bad about it

12:01 – Why the process of gaining the weight back is so painful [it works until it doesn’t anymore

13:39 – How to get past this cycle of negativity and numbing our pain with food

17:02 – The way out of food addiction is connection [ the need to acknowledge your feelings and feel it]

23:36 – Why do leaders deal more significantly with food and body weight issues?

27:49 – How much are you willing to endure anymore of this?


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