Procrastination can create anxiety and hinder progress. This is a lesson that Chris Bowers has learned through personal experience. He has found that when he puts off doing things, it can be just as anxiety-provoking as when he tries to do something later in the day after his energy has been depleted.

Chris used to put off exercising in the morning. He would convince himself that he would do it later in the day when he had more time or energy. However, he found that by the time he got around to exercising, he was already feeling drained and anxious. This made it difficult for him to complete his workout and left him feeling frustrated and defeated.

He also points out that procrastination can have negative effects on other areas of life as well. For instance, when kids put off doing their homework to play video games, they often end up feeling rushed and stressed when they finally get around to doing their schoolwork. This can lead to a lower quality of work and a lack of focus.

Chris has also learned that mindset is a powerful driver in making things happen. In his weight loss journey, he realized that he needed to change his mindset and approach to achieve his goals. By setting realistic goals and fixing his mindset he was able to make progress towards his weight loss goals.

Chris Bowers has spoken to thousands of schools to over two million students in his 25 year speaking career. He combines the humour he uses as a professional stand-up comedian and thoughtfulness to connect with students the way few speakers can. Bowers’ goal is not just to connect to the students that sit in the front and are excited to learn new things but to get the kids in the back corners or the gym to listen and learn as well.

Join Chris in this episode as he shares his inspiring weight loss journey. Discover how he successfully shed 100 pounds from his previous weight.

“The idea that you can change your brain and think about things in a different way and you’re not stuck with who you are.” – Chris Bowers

What you will learn from this episode:

02:03 – Getting to know Chris and his work as a stand up comic

08:29 – What his weight loss journey was like

12:00 – Explaining the two types of anxiety and how food becomes the danger

18:58 – What his daily routine for weight loss looked like: exercise with no food restriction

24:04 – We cause what we fear and putting off doing the good thing later only becomes harder

39:36 – The problem when these two types of people meet and what we should know about our preferences in life

44:38 -Insightful perspectives on the diversity of beliefs held by individuals, as well as Chris’s unique takes on various aspects of life.

50:36 – Impact of mindset in one’s weight loss journey

54:46 – Chris’s favorite line in a movie that helps with mindset

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