Are you tired of feeling guilty every time you eat something you enjoy? Do you find yourself constantly obsessing over your weight and food choices? It’s time to say YES to feeling good today. Forget about the restrictive diet mentality and stop the cycle of binging and overeating without starving yourself. It’s time to start living a life where you can enjoy food and feel confident in your body.

In today’s episode, Leslie shares how she went from a life of binging, restrictive eating and obsessing over food to a more peaceful and fulfilling life. Mind you it was never easy, but once you get to acquire emotional mastery you’ll learn to navigate food without having to fear it. Let’s get started on this episode and find out a journey towards a life of lasting happiness and freedom.

“Everything that you truly desire is available to you at any time. And our job is to just get clear on whatever that is and then either start looking for it or watch as it finds its way to you just by getting clear on what you want and like; then it’s just rinse and repeat over and over again.” – Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from this episode:

00:07 – What diet mentality makes you feel about yourself and food

04:45 – Expectations from the Hypnosis program

10:27 – How things becomes available to you once you master your thoughts and feelings

12:32 – What makes getting a coach valuable

16:57 – The remarkable things that happened to Leslie after she said yes to what she truly wanted [with the help of Hypnosis]

24:10 – Getting through the pain to get past binging and overeating

29:30 – Excited to be doing complimentary clarity calls with you [Leslie calls this her ministry]

33:330 – Going towards the fear instead of away from it

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