Do you ever feel frustrated or upset after indulging in a meal, especially when you can’t control yourself and end up eating more than you intended?

It’s a relatable experience that many people face, causing struggles that impact our mental well-being and various aspects of our lives.

In this episode, we will explore two techniques that can help you navigate these emotions and find a sense of peace and acceptance. From Hypnosis and Neurolinguistic Programming to emotional mastery, we’ll delve into these approaches that can contribute to your mental freedom, food recovery, and emotional mastery.

Let’s discover how to let go of self-judgment and find a healthier relationship with food that ultimately leads to lasting weight loss.

“Right now, all of my clients are just like, how fast you can get this transformation is insane. How quickly you can experience relief on a regular basis and completely not deal with that same issue ever again. We have a guarantee that you’ll be free emotionally and mentally from food, body and weight by the end of our six week program. It’s for the people who just want the fastest way and they know that accountability and coaching is going to just get them out of that space as quickly as possible.” – Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from this episode:

01:09 – Excited to deliver Neurolinguistic Programming trainings to the Accelerator Program [and talking what Neurolinguistic Programming is all about]

09:39 – What one’s mental state would be once you miss sticking to your diet plan

14:59 – An app and a tool to help you with food recovery and emotional mastery [including successful client case studies]

17:47 – Wha it would be like having coaching with Leslie and your journey like to total freedom

22:30 – Emotional mastery as it looks on you getting over with food and body weight issues [and what it looks like for Leslie before she had that]

26:55 – What moms can take away from this

29:28 – If you want to take action now, Leslie is just as excited to work with you and see you transform


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