Introducing an inspiring story of a Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss graduate who has mastered the art of hypnosis for permanent weight loss. This remarkable individual may appear to have it all together, with a wide range of skills and achievements under her belt. However, beneath the surface lies a person who has experienced deep emotional turmoil and personal struggles. Overcoming challenging relationships and internal battles was no easy feat, but she managed to emerge from them stronger than ever. And it was all thanks to the power of hypnosis and the right emotional mastery tools at her disposal.

That’s Kelsey Sheppard for you – an actor, singer, and tap dancer.

Join us as we delve into her inspiring journey of transformation, shedding light on how she was able to overcome what seemed like an insurmountable burden.

“There’s room for now that I have taken that step towards making food not the most important thing. And every time I sort of shift back into those old behaviors, and it does happen, sometimes I go right back to the app, I know what to do because you told us what to do. It’s a map back to freedom. That’s been the most transformation I’ve seen.” – Kelsey Sheppard

What you will learn from this episode:

02:08 – Getting to know Kelsey

03:05 – How that desire for self-love led to joining Hypnosis

07:21 – The thought of keeping things moving and how it’s being helpful

09:21 – What her transformation looks like

13:42 – The freedom from mental noise is truly liberating and how it helps channel abundance in your life

17:36 – How the Hypnosis program led to transformations that she continues to nurture

20:58 – Supporting people from a place of love

25:08 – Which way are you in reaching food and weight goals: toward or away from

25:52 – Try the belief turnaround to fight off perfectionism

34:25 – The fruits she reaped after investing in herself

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