IIf there is one platform that has inspired and impacted people globally in the realm of technology, science, social and environmental issues, personal experiences, and a lot more aspects in life, TEDx Talks tops it.

TEDx Talks have become renowned for their captivating and inspiring stories, shared by passionate individuals who are dedicated to making a difference.

This time, we’re excited to let you know that Leslie will be gracing the stage and joining the prestigious roster of TEDx Talks speakers. Leslie’s talk will focus on the topic of  unveiling the power of TEDx Talks and their global impact.She will also be sharing her passion on the work she does in bringing attention to what humanity needs most today, that is, breaking free from anxieties and emotional entanglements to better serve society and the world.

Stay tuned for Leslie’s TEDx Talk!

“Let’s turn our attention to how TEDx talks have a direct impact on our planet. Climate change, sustainability and environmental issues have become central themes In many TEDx events, speakers from around the world, shed light on innovative solutions, raise awareness about ecological challenges, and encourage collective action. These talks don’t just inform, they inspire individuals and communities to make conscious choices for a better, more sustainable world.” Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from this episode:

00:56 – Understanding TEDx history of how it started and came into being [and how they are woven into something that captivates and inspire people]

02:11 – What their topics consist of and what strong impact do they have globally

04:03 – The means by which you can share in TEDx’s mission and vision

04:46 – Inspired by TEDx’s talks Leslie is now doing her part sharing and letting people know the impact her own efforts in the Hypnosis space has done for many

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