Knowing what it is like to be in a constant struggle to break away from your food obsession, Leslie understands that it’s not just about completely cutting it off all at once. She knows the hardship and recognizes that it takes more than discipline to be totally free from it.Leslie has personally experienced the challenges with food and weight issues and has managed to overcome them. Throughout her journey, she realized that many patients were unfairly blamed by doctors for their difficulties in healing from various illnesses due to weight problems. This observation fueled a nagging feeling within her to help these individuals.

As a nurse, Leslie understood that she had a purpose and a mission to accomplish. She recognized the need to support and guide patients who were struggling with their weight and the negative impact it had on their overall health.

This realization led her to delve into the world of Hypnosis. Leslie saw the potential of Hypnosis as a powerful tool to address the root causes of food obsession and weight issues. She became passionate about using hypnosis as a means to achieve permanent weight loss.

In this episode, Leslie eagerly shares her personal journey and the reasons behind starting Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss. She opens up about the significant highlights of her own experiences in the field of hypnosis.

Let’s discover what lies behind Leslie’s decision to start Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss and learn about the lasting impact it has had on countless individuals. It’s time to break free from the chains of food obsession and embrace a  happier and free life.

 “I did not resonate with the medical side; I resonated with helping people with the food addiction side. And so I wanted to be like one of those nurses who operated with such integrity that I was inspired by it.” – Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from this episode:

01:08 – Looking back into the reasons why Leslie started Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss [her first why]

06:54 – Second reason why she started Hypnosis [finding meaning in and impacting people with her coaching]

08:41 – Third reason for starting Hypnosis program

12:05 – The fourth reason she started Hypnosis [ letting go and walking in the light of faith]

14:51 – Healthy Hypnosis Hour is back

15:54 – Neurolinguistic Programming certification starts on November 3 to 9

16:30 – What those years have been like since she started Hypnosis

17:49 – Doing the work and finding that coach that resonates with you

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