Leslie’s year-end offer has officially closed, and she is absolutely thrilled to welcome her new clients in today’s insightful podcast episode. She is filled with joy as she celebrates her clients’ empowered choice to invest in their permanent weight loss journey.

As she reflects on the positive energy surrounding 2024, Leslie shares her excitement for the evolving podcast and her Hypnosis program. She also provides a glimpse into her upcoming TEDx talk titled “How to Master Your Emotions in 90 Seconds” and emphasizes the importance of mastering emotions for sustained health goals.

Leslie opens up about her personal journey, highlighting the shift from a fixation on external appearance to seeking balance and peace with food. She touches on her own challenges of facing her own fears and the societal pressure to conform to certain body standards. 

She discusses how she achieve her desires, emphasizing the need to adapt and listen to the ever-changing truths within ourselves. Addressing the struggles her clients face, she encourages turning pain into growth opportunities and explores the deeper roots of emotional eating. 

She invites everyone to reflect on their 2024 goals, encouraging alignment with their true desires. She passionately shares her own journey and success, promising an impactful and transformative year ahead for her clients.

“If I had a burning desire to learn how to eat a cheeseburger and not go nuts in my own head about it, then I have to do that thing. Now what comes with that? There needs to be courage with the saying yes to what it is that your dream is.” – Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from this episode:

00:02 – Warmest welcome to the newest Fast Track to Freedom and Emotional Mastery Group clients

01:25 – Updates on what’s coming up in the podcast and the Hypnosis program as well as Leslie’s TEDx talk

06:05 – Turning your pains into greatest opportunities 

10:40 – How is Leslie qualified to help you overcome your diet mentality 

12:28 – What makes her success driven in all areas of life including her food and body weight issues

14:44 – How you make your life hard and painful

15:53 – Living the life you desire and deserve just as what Leslie is enjoying now

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